MOSIS Run Status Report

Status of Run V89A

Generated on: 10-DEC-2018 22:12:40

Status of run: V89A            Type: SHR
Scheduled: 12-SEP-18
Closed: 12-SEP-18
Tapeout: 08-OCT-18
Masks: GF
Wafers: GF
Technology: GF_14LPP
Status: N
Wafer Process: 11M_3M4C2K2GX_LB with LB,WB,3ON6,4CX,2KX,2GX,11LM,NOPLYMD

Wafer Lots             Package Lots
Lot Received            
1 11-JAN-19 Est
Lot Type Sent to Packager       Recd from Packager      
1 VIRTUAL 14-JAN-19 Est 14-JAN-19 Est