IBM Fabrication Schedule — 2015

MOSIS offers the following multiproject wafer (MPW) runs through IBM. To be considered on time for an MPW run, layout and paperwork must be received at MOSIS by 1:00 PM Pacific Time on the date listed.

2015 Fabrication Schedule

Technology Customer Submission Date
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
8HP 0.13 µm 26 30 26
8RF 2 0.13 µm 17 18
8XP 1 0.13 µm 23 18
7HV 0.18 µm  2  1
7RF 4 0.18 µm  2 18 m  1
7RFSOI 0.18 µm  5  9  1
7SW 0.18 µm 16 15
7WL 0.18 µm 20 13
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
mMosis Education Program Only. No commercial submissions will be accepted for these runs.
1 Contact MOSIS Support if designs are planned.
2 8RF-LM 0.13 Ám designs can be added to 8RF-DM runs with sufficent advance notice to MOSIS Customer Support.
4 7RF designs continue to be fabbed, but on 7HV runs and must be compatible with 7HV.

For more information about participating on these or other runs through MOSIS, please contact MOSIS Customer Support.

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