Fabricator Design Rules, SPICE Parameters

Projects submitted to MOSIS for fabrication can be designed using either vendor-independent, scalable rules (MOSIS SCMOS Rules), or design rules specific to a process.

Vendors consider their rules, process specifications, and SPICE parameters proprietary and make them available to MOSIS commercial account holders in different ways. Links in the table below provide instructions on obtaining these files for each specific process.

Information common to all processes is posted below on this page under "General Guidelines."

Fabricator Design Rules and Vendor SPICE Parameters for MOSIS Processes

ON Semiconductor (formerly AMIS) See ON Semi Access
GF CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS Available from MOSIS
TSMC Available from MOSIS
ams AG See AMS Access

General Guidelines

(Minimum Density Rule)
Antenna Rules
(Process-Induced Damage Rules)