MOSIS Ceramic Packages

Ceramic packages available for parts fabricated through MOSIS.

Package Name Manufacturer Manufacter's Drawing #
(or equivalent)
Cavity Size (mils) Characterization (PDF format) Connections (HTML format) Bonding Diagram (PDF format)
DIP28 Kyocera KD-78385-B 300 XXX XXX XXX
DIP40 Kyocera KD-78163 300 XXX XXX XXX
PGA65 Kyocera KD-P86542 400   XXX XXX
PGA84M Kyocera KD-P90226 350 XXX XXX XXX
PGA84L Kyocera KD-90164 470 XXX XXX XXX
PGA108M Kyocera KD-89113 350 XXX XXX XXX
PGA108L Kyocera KD-87938 450 XXX XXX XXX
PGA121M Kyocera KD-85083-A 325   XXX XXX
PGA121L Kyocera KD-87645-C 670   XXX XXX
PGA132M Kyocera KD-87350 350 XXX XXX XXX
PGA132L Kyocera KD-83560 450 XXX XXX XXX
PGA145M Kyocera KD-P85867-B 472   XXX XXX
PGA145L Kyocera KD-P86499-B 700   XXX XXX
PGA181 Kyocera KD-84143-C 472   XXX XXX
PGA209 Kyocera KD-P88639 551   XXX XXX
PGA257 Kyocera KD-P87810-B-1 630   XXX XXX
LCC28 Kyocera PB-C87651 200   XXX XXX
Recommended 28 LCC test socket is 3M part # 228-4960-00-1102, Au plate
LCC44 Kyocera PB-81840 300   XXX XXX
Recommended 44 LCC test socket is 3M part # 244-4961-00-1102, Au plate
LCC52 Kyocera PB-44804-A 300   XXX XXX
Recommended 52 LCC test socket is 3M part # 252-4962-00-1102, Au plate
LCC68 Kyocera PB-C87671 300   XXX XXX
Recommended 68 LCC test socket is 3M part # 268-4963-00-1102, Au plate
LCC84M Kyocera PB-C87729 310   XXX XXX
LCC84L Kyocera PB-02689 470   XXX XXX
Recommended 84 LCC test socket is 3M part # 284-4964-00-1102, Au plate
CFP24A NTK IFS24F1-122JB 140 X 220    
CQFP44A Kyocera QC-044343-WZ 220 X 220    
CQFP64 Kyocera QC-064308-WZ-1 386 x 386    
CQFP80A Kyocera QC-080380-WZ 300 X 300    
CQFP100 Kyocera QC-100365-WZ 386 x 386    
(1)CQFP120A Kyocera QC-120309-WZ 320 X 320 Old  
(1)CQFP120B Kyocera QC-120304-WZ 460 X 460 New  
CQFP128 Kyocera QC-128348-WZ 386 x 386    
CQFP144 Kyocera QC-144398-WZ 472 x 472    
CQFP176 Kyocera QC-176335-WZ 472 x 472    
CQFP208A Kyocera QC-208319-WZ 591 x 591    
PGA69A Kyocera KD-P86754-A 350 X 350    
(1) Spectrum discountinued CQFP120A and replaced it with CQFP120B