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On this Web page you can log into the MOSIS Customer Support System, the MOSIS Account Management System, or the MOSIS Project Management System.

Account Management

Please enter your MOSIS account number and account password to:

  • View account information
  • View legal agreements
  • View order history
  • Request a quote
  • Create a new project for an IC design
  • Request access to vendor documents
  • Download vendor or account-specific documents
  • Download foundry wafer lot electrical test data files
  • Request a dedicated (COT) run

* For Academic accounts, enter the document password to download documents.

** For foundry wafer lot electrical test data files, enter the Fabrication Run Info password to download files.

MOSIS Support

Please enter your e-mail address or user ID and support password to access the MOSIS Online Support System.

Note that you will need to enter the e-mail address used to create your MOSIS support account.

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Project Management

Please enter the 5-digit or 6-digit MOSIS Design Number for a project and the corresponding password to:

  • View project status
  • Request fabrication
  • Cancel fabrication
  • Update project information
  • Upload your layout file
  • Update maximum die size
  • Upload bonding diagrams