CadenceĀ® Design Flows with MOSIS

(Cadence University Program Member)

A variety of design flows (digital, analog, mixed-signal) can be used with Cadence tools to create designs for processes accessed by MOSIS.

Technology files and design kits for a variety of Cadence tools are available via the MOSIS document server.

Synthesis to place and route design flows are available for selected processes using standard cell libraries and memory generators, e.g., the ARM/Artisan libraries.

MOSIS supports designs in vendor rules as well as SCMOS layout rules. Some members of the Cadence University Software Program have created design kits, technology files, etc., for various MOSIS processes using SCMOS rules.

Mircea Stan of the University of Virginia offers Cadence Tutorials spanning the entire design process.

An online Cadence Design Tools Tutorial is available from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

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