The MOSIS Service's Transition to a New Website

The MOSIS Service is pleased to announce that we are transitioning to a new website.

This new website is designed to enhance our customer’s experience, provide increased security protocols, enable faster and more robust file exchanges, provide online design and order status and enable access to various documents.

The new website is hosted on the AWS GovCloud infrastructure and is fully integrated into The MOSIS Service cloud hosted infrastructure. The website utilizes OKTA to provide secure identity management with Single Sign-On, and Multi-factor Authentication. Based on the information provided to The MOSIS Service by the Customer Account Manager, each customer employee is identified by name, title, email and telephone number. These named individuals are able to self register on the new website using the OKTA SIGN UP process (Note: the SIGN IN can only be used after the SIGN UP process has been completed.

During the SIGN UP process each person will create their own password and configure their selected Multi Factor Authorization (MFA)

Once logged into the secure website the following features and capabilities are available:

  • The Account Manager can review and edit their Account Information.
  • Access various documents such as the MOSIS Customer Agreement, Foundry NDAs, and Certified Export Questionnaires.
  • The ability to generate real time fully automated quotes.
  • The ability to view Foundry scheduled runs by technology node with Tapeout date information as well as related setback milestones and foundry planned ship dates to MOSIS.
  • The ability to download foundry IP and PDK files via SFTP.
  • The ability to provide the information requested by the Export Questionnaire for each design.
  • The ability to upload design files using HTTPS for files 5 Gb and smaller and SFTP for larger files.
  • The ability to download Design file analyses via SFTP.
  • The ability to see design and fabrication status as well as status on reorders.