Purchase Orders And Payment Terms


A purchase order is an official and binding document issued to a vendor authorizing the expenditure of funds for goods and services. A purchase order creates an "encumbrance" or "lien" dedicating funds at the time the purchase order is originated by the purchasing department. By using a purchase order, everyone involved in the purchase process can track the order by referring to the unique purchase order number as a standard reference.

Please direct purchase order questions to +1-310-448-8212, or send a message using the MOSIS online support system.

Where To Send Your Purchase Order

MOSIS must receive a signed copy of a purchase order before any order can be accepted and processed. Purchase orders should be issued to "University of Southern California." Send your signed purchase order as an attachment to mosis-po@mosis.com. Adobe PDF is the preferred file format.

Blanket Purchase Order

If you plan to fabricate a series of projects over time, you may wish to set up a blanket purchase order that will authorize you to spend up to a specified dollar amount during a specified period of time. This will save time by eliminating the requirement for you to request a separate purchase order for each project to be fabricated. MOSIS will only invoice you for projects ordered and shipped.

Blanket purchase orders don't need to include any specific information about future orders, and they can be set up for any dollar amount you wish (typically the blanket PO will say "not to exceed" a specified dollar amount).

If you set up a blanket purchase order, and never place any actual orders, you will never receive an invoice from MOSIS, and the purchase order will expire with no charges placed against it. MOSIS will only charge you for items you order and receive.


Orders will be shipped to the exact address listed on the purchase order. Domestic commercial orders normally ship FedEx overnight, MEP via 2-day service, and export shipments are sent "International Priority."

All prices include shipping costs. You only need to include a line item for shipping if you wish to pay an extra charge to expedite shipping.

Sales Tax

As required by state law, MOSIS collects sales tax from our customers for orders shipped within the state of California. However, no taxes will be collected if a customer is a reseller and provides MOSIS with a valid California Resale Permit.

MOSIS is required by state law to collect sales tax from companies incorporated elsewhere when their projects are delivered to an address in California, held for pick up at a California address, drop shipped to an address in California, or held as "will call" at MOSIS.

Payment Term

Terms and conditions for all orders are defined in the MOSIS Customer Agreement.

All purchase orders will be invoiced as follows:

Projects on MOSIS fabrication runs:

  • Projects on MOSIS multi-project fabrication runs will be invoiced (net 30 days) for 100% of the fabrication charges when MOSIS sends customer design data to the mask vendor (tapeout). Parts will not be shipped until the invoice is paid in full.

All wafer respins with mask spins;

  • All non-wafer charges at the time the run closes (MOSIS tapeout)
  • Wafer charges when the parts are shipped to the customer

All wafer-only respins, production transfers, and inventoried parts (die, wafers, packages);

  • 100% when the parts are shipped to the customer

Projects will not be shipped to customers until past due invoices have been paid, and access to vendor documentation bound under the MOSIS customer agreement will be blocked until the account is in good standing.

In order to cover the cost of carrying unpaid balances, a 10 percent penalty will be assessed on all invoiced items for which payment has not been received after 45 days from the invoice date.

Dedicated runs will be invoiced for the full mask cost at the time fabrication begins. Accounts delinquent at the time wafers are delivered to MOSIS will not receive the wafers until payment for masks is received. Wafer costs will be invoiced at the time the wafers are shipped. Standard terms are net 30.

Customer Cancelation Policy

  • After a design is uploaded and before DRC checks are run there is no termination fee.
  • If cancelled after DRC checks and before Tapeout- Termination fee is 50% of the lower of standard or quoted cost.
  • If cancelled after Tapeout- Termination cost is 100% of quoted cost.
  • If The MOSIS Service is unable to complete order due to US Government Export actions then the order will be treated as a customer cancellation.

GlogalFoundries and TSMC Domestic Customers

Every customer submitting designs for Globalfoundries or TSMC runs must complete the appropriate sections of the online ECCN Questionnaire. Please refer to export paperwork for more information.

Design Subject To International Traffic In ARMS Regulations(ITAR)

Purchase orders for designs subject to ITAR must also include the following information:

  1. MOSIS Design ID (if a design ID has been assigned).

  2. Include the following contact information for your organization's ITAR Coordinator. Your ITAR Coordinator is usually the person in your organization repsonsible for security clearances.

    MOSIS Account Number:
    Address Line 1:
    Address Line 2:
    Zip Code:
    Office Phone:
    Cell Phone:

  3. Include the following contact information on the technical personnel at your organization who have been authorized by your official ITAR coordinator to receive ITAR restricted technical data such as design layout files, design check data that includes portions of the design file and any other technical data regulated by ITAR export control.

    MOSIS Account Number:
    Address Line 1:
    Address Line 2:
    Zip Code:
    Office Phone:
    Cell Phone:

  4. The address in the Ship-To field of the purchase order must be an address approved by your organization's ITAR coordinator. There cannot be a different shipping address in the body of the purchase order. If you are unable to meet this requirment please send a message through the MOSIS Support System.

  5. Export Customers

    1. Paperwork Required for Export Orders

    2. Payment Terms for Export Customers

    3. International Wire Transfer Instructions

    Duties and taxes to be billed to customer by shipper.

    Shipper and shipper's account number must appear on purchase order. Customer's FedEx account number is preferred.

    If other shipper is preferred by customer, this information must appear on the purchase order.

    Domestic Transaction

    Bank of America
    ABA RT (Bank Routing #): 0260-0959-3
    333 South Hope Street
    Los Angeles, California 90071
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 14590-39295
    REFERENCE: Provide the MOSIS invoice number(s) you are paying.

    Expediting Your Order

    If you wish to pay additional money to expedite your order, there are two possibilities:

    A. Delivery

    Domestic Commercial Customers

    Parts (die and wafer) current ship FedEx overnight.

    Domestic MEP Customers

    Parts currently ship FedEx 3-day. Provide your organization's FedEx account number and MOSIS will ship overnight against that account.

    All Export Customers

    All export shipments are sent "International Priority." Duties and taxes are not included. Export customers should anticipate additional time for clearing customs. Please see Payment Terms for MOSIS Export Orders.

    B. Expedite fabrication

    This option is only available when offered by the fabricator. It is typically very expensive (thousands of dollars). If you wish to find out if this option is available for a particular run on the MOSIS fabrication schedule, send your inquiry through theMOSIS online support system.