Dedicated Runs

How to order an entire wafer fabrication run from MOSIS.

Dedicated (COT) Runs

Dedicated (COT, or Customer Owned Tooling) runs through MOSIS are also available. Dedicated runs can be scheduled to start at any time. For more information about participating on these or other runs through MOSIS, please send your request through the MOSIS online support system.

Order A Dedicated Run

When you are ready to order a dedicated run, please start by going to the MOSIS login page and sign in under Account Management. Select the "Create A New Dedicated Run" link in the "Create New Project" section.

Dedicated Run Prices

Prices for dedicated runs vary by technology, options, and number and type of deliverables (as wafers, bare die, packaged parts). Customers who wish to purchase an entire fabrication run will use the MOSIS Custom Quote Request form to request prices for a specific run.

Dedicated Runs Schedule

GlobalFoundries SIGe & CMOS processes available for dedicated runs