MOSIS Products & Services

Behind MOSIS is a service infrastructure equipped to deliver a full range of products to today’s ambitious IC designers – worldwide.

Through our trusted partnerships with top foundries, customers can access cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing solutions that span all parts of the production cycle.

Our technical experts make the process simple, efficient and less time-intensive. From small to large-quantity fabrication runs, to packaging and assembly, our portfolio is optimized for flexibility and tailored to meet the unique production needs of our diverse customers.


Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Runs

This "shared mask' model combines on one mask set designs from multiple customers or diverse designs from a single company.

Dedicated Runs

Dedicated (COT, or Customer Owned Tooling) runs through MOSIS are also available. Dedicated runs can be scheduled to start at any time.

Prices and Quotes

Costs for fabrication, packaging and assembly services are available online.


GlobalFoundries featured processes:

CMOS:12 nm, 22 FDX, 40 nm, 45 RFSOI, 55 nm, 65 nm, 9HP (90 nm), 9WG (90 nm), 8HP (0.13 µm), 8XP (0.13 µm), 8SW (0.13 µm) 8WL (0.13 µm) and 7WL (0.18 µm).

TSMC featured processes:

12 nm, 16 nm, 22nm, 28 nm, 40 /45 nm , 65 nm, 130 nm, 180 nm, 250 nm and 350 nm.


Packaging and Assembly
Find information and order instructions here for available packaging (including ceramic, open cavity and fully encapsulated plastic, flip-chip), space-grade inspection, inking, wafer location of parts fabricated through MOSIS.