MOSIS Online Support System

The MOSIS Web-based customer inquiry and support system allows MOSIS customers and the general public to submit support requests and other inquiries to MOSIS 24 hours a day, and track the status of those inquiries online. Your e-mail address is your user name in this system.

Already have MOSIS Online Support Account?

Please LOG IN using your e-mail address and and MOSIS online support account password.

New to MOSIS Online Support System?

Create New MOSIS Online Support Account

Users of MOSIS Online Support System will need to create a Customer Support Account for which their e-mail address will be the user name. This step only needs to be done once, when you first start working with the new system.

LOG IN to MOSIS Online Support Account

Logging into the new system will allow you to (a) submit support requests to MOSIS, and (b) view the status and replies to all of the past support requests you submitted through the new system.

Submit a support inquiry to MOSIS

When you log into the support system you will be connected to the "Create New MOSIS Customer Support Inquiry" form. Select a category in the drop-down box, enter a descriptive subject, enter the body of your message, include related attachments (if any), and select "Submit." If you are uncertain which category is appropriate, no problem, just select "Other Issue" and we will select a category for you.

Tips To Help You Get Started

After you have created a MOSIS support account you will receive a message with an activation code for your account. That activation code will only need to be entered once, the first time you log on.

MOSIS support accounts are not the same as MOSIS customer accounts. Our customers may have several MOSIS customer accounts but they will only need one MOSIS support account. We recommend that you select a password for your support account that is different than the password for your customer account, to give you better control over who can request support from MOSIS using your e-mail address.

The Login ID for your MOSIS support account will be the e-mail address you entered when you created that account.