How To Submit A Design To MOSIS

A flowchart of the steps necessary to send a design to MOSIS and how to revise it once sent.

How To Submit A Design to MOSIS

See our YouTube Video.

(1) Are you submitting to a dedicated (COT) or shared multi-project wafer (MPW) run? COT Log in under Account Management, request a new Dedicated Run, then proceed to step (2) below.
(2) Have you submitted your New Project request? No Show me how or take me to the New Project request. You will need your account number and account password to login.
(3) Was your New Project Request successful? No Tell me why
(4) Have you completed your ECCN Questionnaire (and requested export documents)? No You must complete your EECN questionnaire prior to a fabricate request. Please refer to export paperwork for more information about ECCN.
(5) Have you submitted your Fabricate request? No Show me how, or take me to the Fabricate request
(6) Did you upload your layout to MOSIS? No Show me how
(7) Was your upload successful? No
Tell me why
What happens now?

How to Revise A Design Once Submitted To MOSIS

Do you need to update information about your project? Yes Show me how or take me to the Update Request Form
Do you need to send new layout? Yes Show me how or take me to Project Management (Cancel Fabrication, then Fabricate)
Can I practice submitting a design? Yes Tell me more