MOSIS Prices

MOSIS customer can login to MOSIS Customer Account Management to request quotes for one or multiple prototyping lots of die, a large quantity of parts, or a dedicated run. You can also request quotes for additional parts, packaged or unpackaged, from a previous MOSIS run and Wafer Respin

The Automated Price Quote Request for the standard prices can be used when a MOSIS customer needs one lot and can be accessed by logging into Account Management. For a larger number of parts or processes not listed in the pull-down menu, use the Custom Price Quote Request Form.

When you need the cost of one prototyping lot of die, please logging into Account Management and simply submit the Automated Price Quote Request form. Answer a few questions about your project and automatically receive a price quote for fabricating and packaging your design.

Order Parts from Previous Runs

Go to the MOSIS Login page and sign in under Account Management to request Additional Die or Packaging Quote, Wafer Respin Quote, or a Follow-On Production

Project Size

MOSIS will add scribe lanes and other overhead to the geometry you submit, so please do not include these items in your design.

MOSIS will select a die size that meets your packaging needs and MOSIS wafer packing requirements. If the exact die size is critical for your application, please let us know, well in advance, by sending a message through the MOSIS Customer Support System (your email address is your user ID in that system).

See also Die Size

Purchase Order

How to submit Purchase Order to MOSIS