MOSIS User Group

Anyone who is interested in MOSIS is welcome to join the MOSIS Users Group. The group is not restricted to MOSIS Customers. It is open to everyone. Joining the group will allow you to read and post messages on the MOSIS Electronic Discussion Board. The MOSIS Discussion Board was established to give MOSIS users and other interested parties a place to share information and exchange ideas.

User Group Discussion Board

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How the Discussion Board Works:

The MOSIS discussion board is currently hosted by, and in order to read and post messages you will need to create a Yahoo user account. When you join the group, you may opt to have messages sent to you via e-mail, either one at a time, or in a once-daily digest. You may also choose to receive no e-mail, because it is possible to read and send messages from the discussion group's Web site.

How Much E-mail Does the Board Generate?

Currently the group does not generate a large number of messages, so you will not increase your e-mail traffic very much if you have messages sent to you as soon as they are posted. If you have messages sent to you via e-mail, you will not need to log onto Yahoo each time you want to view messages on the MOSIS board.

How to Join the Group:

Connect to the main page of the MOSIS Users Group Discussion Board and select "Join This Group" on the upper right side of the page. You will be asked to either (1) log on using an existing Yahoo account I.D. or (2) create a new Yahoo account, if you do not already have one.