GlobalFoundries Fabrication

Technology descriptions, MPW fabrication schedule, and vendor document access procedures for the GlobalFoundries fabrication processes available through MOSIS.

GlobalFoundries Fabrication Processes

The Globalfoundries fabrication processes available through MOSIS include 12 nm FinFET, 22 FDX, 45 RFSOI, 55 nm, 0.18 µm, 9HP (90 nm), 8HP (0.13 µm), 8XP (0.13 µm), 7WL (0.18 µm) and 9WG (90 nm). Summary page of Dedicated runs and MPW runs to compare technologies.
Access is limited to MOSIS commercial account holders (COM and COM-UNIV) who are approved by GlobalFoundries. This includes academic institutions with a commercial account. To start the approval process, please send your request to the MOSIS Customer Support System.

GlobalFoundries Fabrication Schedule

MOSIS offers access to the GlobalFoundries multiproject wafer (MPW) runs - GlobalShuttle, as well as MOSIS-lead MPW runs. To be considered on time for an GlobalShuttle run, refer to the GlobalShuttle timeline page. Also the GlobalShuttle maximum allowed die size is 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm. Dedicated Runs are also available and can be scheduled to start at any time.

MOSIS is a GlobalFoundries Channel Partner, and MOSIS-lead MPW runs are also listed on the GlobalFoundries MPW web page.

GlobalFoundries Design Kits

GlobalFoundries (SiGe | CMOS | RFSOI) design kits are available upon approval for MOSIS customers.

How To Access GlobalFoundries Process and Documents

Send your request to the MOSIS Customer Support System.