GF Design Kits For RFSOI Processes

GF design kits are available upon approval for MOSIS customers.

To obtain any of these items you must have an account with MOSIS and follow the instructions on the MOSIS web site at the GF Design Rules, Process Specifications, and SPICE Parameters page.

Process Design Kit Simulation DRC, LVS, Extraction Libraries Other
GF_45RFSOI Cadence
Spectre Cadence PVS
Mentor Calibre
ESD Toolbox2

1 Standard cells and/or I/O, with enablement for common platforms.

2 ESD Toolbox typically contains basic ESD device pcells and small ESD sub-circuits; e.g. anti-parallel diodes, double diodes, Darlington clamp, RC clamp

3 Keysight (was Agilent) ADS Dynamic Link support (used together with the GF Cadence design environment).

4 Keysight (was Agilent) "front-to-back" (stand-alone) kit