B5 Process

ON Semiconductor (formerly AMIS) 0.50 Micron

Process Family Description

This non-silicided CMOS process has 3 metal layers and 2 poly layers, and a high resistance layer. Stacked contacts are supported. The process is for 5 volt applications. MOSIS orders EPI wafers for this process. Non-EPI (bulk) is an additional cost option and not available for MEP submissions. For further information, see the ON Semiconductor Foundry Mixed-Signal Offerings web page.

B5N Process

PiP (poly2 over poly) capacitors (950 aF/µm²) and the HRP (High Resistance) option are available on multiproject runs.

B5F Process

The B5F process offers the above layers of C5N plus Thick_Gate, N_Minus_Implant (Npblk), and P_Minus_Implant (Ppblk).

Design Rules

This process supports the following design rules.

Design Rules Lambda1 Feature Size1 Availablility
ON Semi B5F/N Rules n/a 0.60 MOSIS, ON Semiconductor
SCMOS 0.35 0.60
(after sizing)
1Values in micrometers (µm)

Review the CMP and antenna guidelines which apply to both sets of design rules.
MOSIS Technology Codes See Technology Codes for ON Semiconductor B5F/N Process.

Important note about pads. The bonding pads on designs submitted to these runs should have metal2 (and via2) under the metal3. If these guidelines are not followed, metal lifting problems can occur.

ON Semiconductor Design Rules, Process Specifications, and SPICE Parameters

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Reticle/Wafer Size, Steps, Turnaround Time, Wafer and Die Thickness.
ON Semiconductor B5 Process
Wafer Size
Reticle Size (mili- meters, approx.) Reticle Copies Stepped on Wafer (approx.) Turn- around Time (weeks, approx.)(1) Die Thickness
(+/- .5 mil)
Wafer Thickness
Mils Micro- meters Mils Micro- meters
8 21 x 21 55 26 weeks 10 250 30 760
1ON Semi is experiencing a line load issue for the foreseeable future that pushes out delivery up to 26 weeks.