ON Semiconductor Processes

MOSIS is offering multiproject (see fabrication schedule and dedicated (COT) runs to the following ON Semiconductor processes. Dedicated runs can be scheduled to start at any time.

MOSIS has compiled the following chart comparing various features to help you better select which ON Semiconductor process is most appropriate to your application.

Feature Size Default Metal Voltage Description
0.50 3 5 Mixed-Mode,  B5

See Price Request Forms for costs and Customer Account Information to establish a MOSIS account.

Design interfaces

MOSIS provides access to the ON Semiconductor Design Rules, Process Specifications, and SPICE Parameters to customers who do not have a MyAMIS or MyON account.

To obtain any of these items you must have an account with MOSIS, submit the on-line On Semiconductor Access Request, then sign both the Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) and Design Kit License Agreement (DKLA).

To open a commercial account with MOSIS, complete and send the Commercial Account Application along with all appropriate signed agreements. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting the application package.

ON Semiconductor Foundry Mixed-Signal Offering