TSMC Fabrication

Technology descriptions, MPW fabrication schedule, and vendor document access procedures for the TSMC fabrication processes available through MOSIS.

TSMC Fabrication Processes

The TSMC fabrication processes available through MOSIS include

28 nm, 40 / 45 nm, 65 nm, 130 nm, 180 nm and 250 nm.

Access is limited to MOSIS commercial account holders who are approved by TSMC. To create an account and request access, follow the TSMC document access instructions. Existing accounts can proceed directly to the second step.

TSMC Fabrication Schedule

MOSIS offers access to the TSMC multiproject wafer (MPW) runs. To be considered ontime for an MPW run, layout and paperwork are due to MOSIS by 1 PM PT (Pacific/California Time) on the date listed.

TSMC Design Kits

TSMC design kits are available upon approval for MOSIS customers.

How to Access TSMC Documents

General instructions for accessing TSMC design rules and cell libraries through MOSIS.