Information for Existing Customers

The following quick reference to support MOSIS existing customers.

Customer Login

Existing Customers can log into the MOSIS Account Manangement, Project Manangement and Customer Support System to access current account information, project-related information and submiting inquries for support.


How to access proprietary vendor documents, public MOSIS documents, agreements, PDF forms, Web forms, and other MOSIS documents.

Design Information

Design Rules

Projects submitted to MOSIS for fabrication can be designed using either vendor-independent, scalable rules (MOSIS SCMOS Rules), or design rules specific to a process.

Technology Code and Layer Map

MOSIS uses technology codes so that a user can specify which set of layout rules (vendor or SCMOS) and which set of options has been used in a submitted layout file.

Layer maps define which layers are accepted, including which are required and which are optional for a technology code.

Globalfoundries / TSMC / ams / ON Semiconductor

How To Submit/Update A Design

Instruction on how to create, submit and update a design to MOSIS.


Fabrication Process

MOSIS offered processes, technology descriptions, fabrication schedules, and vendor document access procedures for the GlobalFoundries, TSMC, ON Semi and AIM Photonics fabrication processes available through MOSIS.

Fabrication Schedule

MOSIS fabrication scheduled multiproject wafer (MPW) fabrication runs.

Prices and Quotes

Pricing information and how to request a quote from MOSIS.


Packaging information avaialable from MOSIS.